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A Dependable Insulation Contractor Explains

Every homeowner wants to have an energy-efficient and safe home. That largely depends on your house insulation. Fiberglass insulation is one of the most preferred materials for such projects. This blog is about the several steps of installing it:

  • Measurements. A professional insulation contractor will first take all measurements correctly and accurately. He will measure the length and height of your attic walls to determine how much material will be needed for your project. He will also decide how wide the insulation material should be. After this is done, he will buy the required quantity of the material.
  • Insulation batting. Choosing the right insulation batting is of the utmost importance. Its width and R-value are critical for your home. Normally, they will depend on which areas of your home you are insulating. Different R-value and width will be required for your attic walls, basements walls, or flooring.
  • Cutting. Your contractor will first install the wooden studs in your attic. Once you have selected the batting at the proper width and according to their dimensions, he will start cutting the batting at the appropriate height. Using advanced and well-maintained tools, as well the right protection gear is a must. He will cut and prepare all the pieces one by one.
  • Installing. The expert you are working with will begin putting the batting pieces into the gaps between the studs making sure they fit perfectly. After all the batts are in place, it is time for them to be sealed and secured with the help of a staple gun.
  • Bottom line. When installing fiberglass insulation, DIY projects are not recommended, is the advice from a professional. Although fiberglass is considered to be one of the safest and most inexpensive materials for residential insulation projects, if those fibers get into contact with your lungs and skin, they can cause unpleasant skin irritation and even lung cancer. So, always make sure you hire an experienced and trained insulation contractor for the mission.

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